Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO

Alexander Liberman’s The Way at Laumeier Sculpture Park
Judith Shea, Public Goddess, 1992 and Terry Allen, Laumeier U-ME-UM, 1998
Niki de Saint Phalle, Ricardo Cat, 1999
Manuel Neri, Aurelia Roma, 1994 (white marble wrapped for the weather) and Tony Tasset, Eye, 2007
Aurelia Roma and Yo_Cy (Christine Yogiaman and Ken Tracy), Loom Portal, 2011
Jenny Holzer, one of Ten Plaques from the Living Series, 1980–82
Yo_Cy (Christine Yogiaman and Ken Tracy), Loom Portal (detail of exterior section), 2011
Tony Tasset, Eye, 2007
Mark di Suvero, Bornibus, 1985–87
Mark di Suvero, Destino, 2003
Charles Ginnever, Crete, 1976-78
Alexander Liberman, The Way, 1972–80, eighteen salvaged steel oil tanks
Vito Acconci, Face of the Earth #3, 1988 (under renovation)
Robert Lobe, The Palm at the End of the Parking Lot, 1995
Donald Judd, Untitled, 1984
Donald Lipski, Ball? Ball! Wall? Wall!, 1994
Mark Menin, Cores for Laumeier, 2003
George Greenamyer, Heritage Schooner for Debra Lakin, September 30, 1998

Alison Saar, Leelinau, 1997


All photos by Renée DeVoe Mertz, December 2011.

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